Lancashire party entertainers.

How to book entertainment. One of the easiest proven ways is to contact the act directly. This way you get a good idea of the charisma and personality and will get an understanding of how you are getting with the the person who will probably be at your party. I would also strongly advised to research the person you are looking to Book and watch as many videos as possible and if reading testimonials of reviews ensuring they are authentic and original ones. Having entertainment at your party is a great way to wow your guests, keep them excited and give them a party to remember.  I personally have now reached a milestone of 100 videos on YouTube to give people a good overall idea of how I entertain and how the guests will feel the emotion of my exciting Magic. My videos show lots of people Commenting about me after they witnessed me perform including some celebrities reviews on video. There are some videos on my YouTube channel that show me in action and these are just what's been taken by other spectators (Usually on the phone)and sent on to me (with the exception of two). This shows the real life scenario without a video being cleverly edited to make it appear better than it actually is.  I also have a few of videos of when I am simply out and about across the country entertaining.  An entertainer should truly and honestly love what they do - as do I. Hopefully this comes across in my videos when I too get excited with the atmosphere and lifelong memories that I create. I am happy to chat over the phone, email, text or even a video call. Here are two of my latest videos that I haven't released to the public yet as of today.

Good luck with finding an entertainer that is right for you and if it is astonishing out of this world magic that you are looking for then I am convinced that with me you have found the right person. 

if you would be so kind please share my details on social media. 

Very best wishes

Darren Brand Magician ❤️