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How to book a magician and how to choose the right magician.

Choosing the right magician for your event is an important factor. Here are some Top Tips on how to choose a good magician.

One thing you must certainly do is request videos of their previous work If you haven't already found them online and spend time reading about that person. The things to look out for is how busy they seem to be, the type of events that they perform at,  do you like their appearance, style of magic and most of all their personality. 

Really getting busy.


Late 2020 & 2021 is starting to get really busy due to the postponement of weddings and other events where people gather so why not Enquire NOW whilst your date may still be available - after all it costs nothing to get a quote.


Hi everyone, I hope that you are all keeping safe and healthy and those that can I hope you are remaining at home. These are strange times and somewhat now unpredictable and due to this I will have my normal bookings towards the end of this year plus the other bookings that naturally come through Plus all of the ones who are cancelling their dates and looking to book again so please get your dates in early and secured with your booking fee. Any questions please ask away. Very best wishes Darren Brand Magic. X


Magical times.  I've been a little busy to keep my blog up to date (and a little bit of never getting around to it)  Thank you for looking at my website. Give me a call to discuss options.

2016 so far.

Had a great year so far and a busy Christmas ahead. In the middle of summer I took time out and did a coast to coast cycle ride to raise money for MacMillan 77 miles the first day and 98 miles the day after. Enjoyed it too although I had to draw from my magical powers towards the end. Thank you to all those who donate. Regards Darren. X

Whalley Abbey.

Congratulations on the Christening of Willow. Thank you for inviting me to entertain for her Christening celebration. You were all a wonderful crowd especially Willows Grandad Lee who really warmed to me and became a believer of true Magic and a touch emotional at the personal touch I put into one of my illusions I taylored especially for his granddaughter Willow.


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